Indonesia is one of the well-known exporters and producers globally. It supports the economic growth of the country as well as for the peoples as well. There are several trading companies in which PT. NAS Barokah Internasional is one of the leading trading companies that deal with Coconut and other commodity products.

Among other products, it is one of the premium products in which we deal deliberately. The Coconut is one of the plants that are fundamental components are being used for different purposes such as fibre- for coir, mats, brooms, from for spring beds, ropes etc., shell- for making charcoal, activated carbon, crafts, flesh- for oil, cream, coconut milk, grated Coconut, coconut water- for making vinegar, Nata de Coco, palm trunk- for making building material, coconut leaf- brooms, wickerwork, and sap of Coconut for brown sugar.

We provide all sorts of coconuts as per the needs of our buyers.

In Indonesia, you will find the largest plantation of coconut trees, so PT. NAS Barokah Internasional is committed to providing quality coconut and its products to fulfil the demand around the globe to the clients. You do not need to bother about the quantity and quality as we follow the international standards of a commodity for exporting Coconut around the world.

We export the products in a quality package to stay unharmed until the delivery to the desired address. Our quality assurance team works round the clock only to ensure the delivery. We have numerous long stretches of involvement and a demonstrated history. Our experience guarantees that our undertakings will be done well and with the highest demonstrable skill. We likewise utilize just demonstrated and consistently supply new Coconut.

We, as a leading coconut supplier, have all the facilities to handle the orders worldwide. We also have a long-term contract with several shipping companies to deliver the best quality coconut products.

At PT. NAS Barokah Internasional, we accept that quality should be quantifiable; it should be addressed in the materials and workmanship. With long years of experience in the Coconut industry, we have the information for kinds of Coconut from numerous spaces in Indonesia.